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At SharkApk we offer a wide variety of apps for playing and editing your videos on Android devices. The available video players allow you to play your videos in different formats and resolutions, as well as access advanced features such as looping, autoplay and subtitle search. In addition, you will find video player applications with additional features such as playlist support, the ability to adjust brightness and contrast, and the ability to adjust playback speed.

As for video editing applications, you will find a wide range of tools to customise your videos in a professional way. You can trim, crop, cut, join and add effects and music to your videos. In addition, you can discover advanced editing options such as adding text, stickers, transitions, filters and much more. With these applications you will be able to create impressive videos for your social networks, presentations, personal projects, among others. These applications are ideal for both professional users and for those who are looking for an easy and fun way to edit their personal videos.

In short, in this section you will find a category with a wide variety of video player and video editor apps for Android, with a lot of functions and options to satisfy your needs, either to play or edit your videos.