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Description of Youtube

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the official application of this extensive worldwide video platform of the same name. It is the most popular and downloaded on the planet for the thousands of video clips that are uploaded daily, in high resolution.

It has a powerful interface optimized for Smartphones and Tablets. Organizes the best music content by popular, trends, fashion, beauty, video games and learning. In addition, it allows you to create your own content, watch videos on any device and share them with others.

Its operation is very simple, you just have to create an account on their channel and start uploading clips in different formats. These can be public, private, grouped by tags and playlists. The best of all is that its latest version is now available in our AppMarket.

In addition, you can install it on Android mobiles, iOS and desktop computers. It constantly updates its functions to offer the best resolution and exclusive content.

The best video platform worldwide!

YouTube functions as a server that hosts thousands of the most searched videos on the web. There you will find clips of different genres, movie trailers and video tutorials on different topics. It has a practical search engine to access the contents you prefer in seconds.

The application is organized in 4 main easy-to-use sections. The first is Home, where you will find personalized suggestions, adapted to your preferences. The second one is the Hot tab, here are the most popular and recent videos of well-known artists.

The third section is called subscriptions, there will appear the news and updates of the App channels, to which you can subscribe. Finally, there is the account section, where will be the history of all the clips you have seen, the ones you have not and the likes you have given.

Likewise, the application's playback functions are advanced, the videos are played in streaming quality, with good audio and clarity. It has a full screen mode, which you can manage as you prefer. Also, the streaming can run in the background, perfect for listening to music while doing other activities.

In addition, the videos have chapters, so that you can choose the fragment you only want to watch. What’s more, they can be streamed from your mobile to a Chromecast device, with the best resolution, which will allow you to do voice searches from the App. Apart from this, when watching the clips, you can rewind them by pressing the screen 2 times and it will rewind up to 30 seconds or more.

Another integrated function is that you can speed up or slow down the video, just tap the screen once and tap the three dots symbol. There, choose the playback speed and adjust the film as you wish. Also, it has a night mode, so you can protect your vision at all times, you just have to activate the dark theme in the icon located on the right side of the screen.

Choose videos and create content in one application

YouTube is a complete application when playing videos and offering you different multimedia content. It allows you to create your clips and upload them to the platform in real time. In addition, it has Autoplay or automatic playback, which you can activate or deactivate whenever you prefer.

Other of its characteristics are:

Finally, YouTube is an excellent application that hosts thousands of videos of different genres, recent, with the best streaming quality.

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