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Alight Motion Alight Motion: Editor de vídeo y animación Alight Creative, Inc.
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Description of Alight Motion

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a widely used motion graphics modification application. It can interact with the main digital platforms, being its predominant action the production of short content for social media.

With more than four million downloads and an ever-growing community of users, Alight Motion is the most complete video editor, which will make it easy to get the most out of your content.

Alight Motion allows you to edit videos totally free in its Pro version. It can be downloaded from our AppMarket without any additional charge. All you need is a mobile device with Android version 6.0. Although if you want the version for professional use you must locate the official page.

With Alight Motion it's possible to improve digital contents, add animations, use photographs as part of the video and shorten the duration of it. In short, all the tools you need, available within the gestation of a project.

With a weight of 46.82 MB and an intuitive interface, which allows you to use transitions and add new elements. It's considered a key tool in the design and creation of content for TIK TOK.

Edit your videos with the best tools!

Once you have managed to download Alight Motion, the option to watch tutorials that explain how to use the application appears. It also includes direct access to the YouTube channel, where comments from experienced users feed your editing knowledge.

Once you have passed this point, you have the possibility to name the project in the way you prefer. Choose the square of the project and determine the final resolution of the work. It's advisable that it's the one your device allows, preferably 1080.

Also, you can choose the background from four color options. With those elements covered, all you have to do is click on create project. Alight Motion will give you the option to add the photo or video you want to edit.

When you use the app for the first time, it will ask for permission to access the photos and videos that are on your mobile. Something that is common in all applications.

With this application you can organize the project in a timeline that facilitates the incorporation of content. Drag the files to be edited. Use the application's graphic effects to enhance the content, add animations and place audios over the video track.

Get high-resolution videos

Alight Motion is an application that, although it's in a growing stage, has all the tools to make quality videos. Within its complete platform, there is the possibility of subscribing for a small fee.

Alight Motion, in its version accessible to the general public, allows you to have tools that many video editors have but that come at a cost. These are the outstanding features of this application:

Even with all the technological benefits of this application, it has an exemplary user support policy. The technological developers recognize that the creative process is still evolving. However, it's worth mentioning that the interaction with the App is very intuitive.

Being the contributions of this tool, of better value than any missing details, Alight Motion is for practical consideration. Don't miss out on trying it out.

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