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Description of Star Trek™ Fleet Command

What is Star Trek Fleet Command?

Star Trek Fleet Command is the online game that allows you to enter into an epic battle with enemies from other galaxies. Based on the famous television series, Star Trek and that has refused to be forgotten, thanks to the millions of followers of the famous genre.

The Star Trek Fleet Command application has impressive graphics, which allow you to visualize the hostile scenario in a complete way. The characters are the same from the visual production that bears the same name. In Star Trek Fleet Command you can recruit iconic characters such as Jame, T.Kirk, SpocK and Nero.

One of the most impressive things about this App is that you can build ships like the Enterprise, the Romulan Warbird and the Klingon Bird of Prey. This dynamic enriches the experience, since constant modifications can be made.

To live an unforgettable experience, you must download from our AppMarket the Star Trek Fleet Command application. You can do it for free, and in this way you will join millions of players all over the world.

Explore new worlds and conquer them!

With Star Trek Fleet Command is possible to assume the role of a starbase commander. You will also be able to establish the conquest strategy and create alliances that allow you to survive in this stellar setting.

This dynamic has as an additional element, that you will not be the only one in this galactic combat. Star Trek Fleet Command's digital platform has more than 500 million gamers, who are willing to pursue the same goals.

To enjoy this community, you only need to have an Android device version 4.4 or higher version of this operating system. It is worth mentioning that the download can be done without any complications, although its size is 152 MB. It is very practical to play it from the phone and take the feeling of exploration to the tenth power.

Defend your space station like a true leader!

Thanks to the presence of Star Trek Fleet Command visualization graphics, you can have a wider view of the battle, as if you were flying over the war zone. You will achieve this by playing, using the joystick controls in a natural way.

If the dynamics becomes a bit tedious, a sequence of commands can be recorded so that you can execute them at any other time. The recent enhancement of the latest version allows synchronization of multiple instances, and one of these is in green mode. In addition, Star Trek Fleet Command features simultaneous translation so you can enjoy the gaming experience in your native language.

In Star Trek Fleet Command, nobody no one force you to do anything. Unlie other games with similar challenges, its dynamics maintain the strategic inclusion as a fundamental part of the star raid.

The following are some unique aspects of these epic wars:

By downloading Star Trek Fleet Command, to enjoy adventures without time limit. And with unimaginably epic results, whose essence remains true to the production that bears his name. What are you waiting for to play?

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