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Description of Magic: The Gathering Arena

What is Magic: The Gathering Arena?

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a collectible card game of the genre free-to-play or free. It's an adaptation of the well-known deck video game Magic: The encounter, where each player must assemble a powerful deck of cards and challenge other users.

The game stands out for its new interface, equipped with striking graphics, beautiful visual effects and a section to share strategies. Additionally, the cards have a model legendary, with fluid animations that are reflected on the board with a short review.

Also, at all levels of the game you must collect cards and activate decks of cards, a total of 15 and take part in tournaments. In these, you have to play against other players and challenge them, in order to lead the leaderboards. You will get various game modes, adapted to the user's experience.

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Create a powerful deck of cards

The action of the game is intuitive, your mission is to create a deck of earth decks that have different colors, which indicate their potency. The cards are white, green, red and blue and each fulfills a specific role. In the game, you will take on the role of a living being called planeswalker or walker, with great powers, capable of traveling from one dimension to another.

With the cards, these beings will be able to summon creatures, activate special abilities and cast spells. These characters feed on mana or energy, which allows these actions to defeat the opponents. Once the game starts, you must register with a user account and you will receive a first collection of cards.

So, do your best to steal all 20 lives from your rival and leave them without cards, before letting them do the same with you. The games are multiplayer with opponents of different parts of the world. In case you are a beginner, follow the starter tutorial playing against the AI, in this way you will master the theme.

Additionally, Magic: The Gathering Arena has different game modes. First, you have the built mode, where you have to use your cards and select a play online with an opponent. Second, you have the game modeor encounters without qualifying against other rivals, it's training before going to qualifying.

Third, in the qualifying game or major tournament mode, you will have to go up in positions in the middle of your rivals. This will allow you to enter more events against the best players. Fourth, you have all the game modes, greater challenge, here they are activated energetic plays with three ways to play extras.

Finally, you will get Draft and Closed Deck mode, where you will have a limited number of decks, to form the deck. In the Draft, you must open three card envelopes and distribute them to other participants. Here, you must be very fast and move the cards well, otherwise, you will lose lives.

Get to the top of the leaderboard

As you progress through the levels of the game, you will have the opportunity to activate 15 decks of unique cards. With these you can perform powerful attacks on other players and take them out of the rankings.

If you win, you will receive a prize and a large collection of decks with unlimited energy. You will find missions like playing in lands, applying spells, winning the same game several times, when you finish them, you will get coins. Apart from this, the latest version of this game is available for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, with these features:

In conclusion, Magic: The Gathering Arena is an online card game in the middle of other players where you have to finish them and be first in the leaderboard.

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