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Magic: The Gathering Arena

2021.11.10.1104 Wizards of the Coast LLC
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If you have come this far, it is probably because you are interested in downloading an earlier version of this application. That can happen for several reasons, maybe because your device is not compatible with the latest version offered by the developers, or maybe because the latest version has removed some features that you loved in previous versions. Whatever the reason, here you can access and download any previous version of your beloved app. Don't miss it!

2021.11.10.1104 19-11-2021
2021.11.0.1086 11-11-2021
2021.10.30.1066 28-10-2021
2021.10.0.1052 14-10-2021
2021.9.40.1040 07-10-2021
2021.9.20.1023 05-10-2021