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Description of HomeScapes

What is HomeScapes?

HomeScapes is a fun match 3 style casual game where you will have to rebuild the mansion of a nice butler, Austin. In the process, you must place new armchairs, carpets and decorate all the interiors to your liking.

The game is structured in different colorful levels, where you must solve puzzles, combining three equal pieces. In each level you will find surprises and puzzles that get more complicated as you advance. Besides, you'll get interesting chapters of Austin's family history that you'll unlock progressively.

It also has a system of daily missions that, when you complete them, you'll earn money that will let you enable new decorative resources. You'll be able to enter other places in the mansion, which you can decorate in your style. So, enter this mansion and transform it completely in the company of Austin.

Solve all the puzzles!

The main dynamic of the game is to help Austin, a butler, decorate a large mansion by solving puzzles in each level. You have to completely transform the foyer, bedrooms, conservatory, garage and other sections of the house. Additionally, you will have to choose furniture and other elements in order to beautify it.

The game has a storyline, since this mansion belongs to Austin's parents, which you'll unlock as you advance in levels. You will be able to interact with the main characters of the game. Its mechanism is simple, in each level you must join three equal pieces in a puzzle. Each file will show a certain objective, and when you fulfill it you'll earn stars that will let you start decorating the house.

Besides, when you join 4 or more pieces together you will receive power-ups that will be of great help in the most difficult levels. You'll find more than 100 different levels, and as you complete them you'll get to know new characters and unlock exclusive contents of the game's storyline.

Apart from this, in HomeScapes you'll get suggestions that will help you when you get stuck in a level. When you use one, you'll see how it highlights the piece you need to move, and when you do so, you'll create a power-up. In fact, if you use several of them, you will be able to join several of them together and you will be able to exploit many pieces at the same time.

Moreover, when you combine power-ups such as bombs and colored balls, the effect will be more devastating in the elimination of pieces that are difficult to move. Also, in every game you will earn coins that increase your score and decoration resources. However, if you synchronize your game with your Facebook account, you will receive 1000 coins, which will allow you to buy new furniture, more power-ups and moves that you can reserve when you are stuck.

On the other hand, this game features stunning colorful graphics and an excellent touch control system. It's completely free to play, with some in-game purchase options.

Make the best decoration together with Austin

HomeScapes is a fun classic puzzle where you must match three identical pieces. You must join them horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The first levels will be simple, but as you advance, the degree of difficulty will increase. The game regularly updates its functions and has these interesting features:

Finally, HomeScapes is a match 3 style puzzle where you will have to decorate a neglected mansion. You will be accompanied by Austin at all times and discover interesting secrets about him and his family.

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