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Description of Toca Life World

What is Toca Life World?

It's a new application where you will have fun creating your own world and developing a personalized story. This amazing App is the conjugation of several platforms such as Vacation, Office, Hospital, among others, that allows you to form a magical universe.

The App was launched in September 2018. Its creator is Toca Boca, with all the appropriate licenses and requirements for its use, it has positioned itself as one of the apps with the highest demand.

Through this type of application, it's usually only possible to modify the aspects of the characters involved. However, through Toca Life World you can add more functions to the story and do unimaginable things.

For example, you can add special characteristics and situations to the animals. Since in this App you are the one who writes the script of the journey of the story, everything is possible.

Toca Life World, has in its composition 8 locations that provide the most colorful landscapes and environments to the diverse circumstances of the character. Likewise, it contains 39 protagonists, so you can choose the ones you need in your creation.

In case you have other Toca Life Apps on your mobile device, you won't lose your data; on the contrary, everything is added to the mega application. Once integrated, you can place each character in the desired area.

Enjoy the innovative features of Toca Life World

Among the advantages offered by this mega application, the possibility of integrating more locations and characters to the game stands out. Because your story may require different environments and a specific number of actors, there is a purchase store.

In this store you can get more than 50 locations to integrate as you create your story. Likewise, you have more than 300 characters that you can buy according to your needs and a wide variety of pets.

However, to get all these variants, you must buy them in the Toca Life World store. The costs of these functionalities depend on you, since they depend on the requirements of your creation.

On the other hand, as time goes by and the world changes, the game features will be updated.

Additionally, the language developed in the App can be considered safe, because it doesn't include text, but everything is created by the user. On the other hand, no chat can be established within the application, so it provides security and peace of mind to parents when using it with children.

Develop amazing stories with different tools

The good results of this App depend on the creativity you have when developing the story. You can devise a world of luxury and riches where you are the empowered one, as well as it's possible to create a rancher's tale with lots of animals.

Many players choose to design the life they would like, for this reason, they take full advantage of the tools that the App provides them to do so. The houses and buildings designed by players have come to be ranked among the most creative and ostentatious in the virtual world.

On the other hand, it's important to take into account the target audience of Toca Life World, although it has no age limit, it's considered an ideal platform for children over 4 years old. Therefore, it is common for the stories to be a bit out of reality.

Finally, Toca Life World is undoubtedly an interactive world that you cannot miss to try and enjoy all its features. Remember that you can download the application for free from AppMarket, easily and safely.

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