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Description of Brawlhalla

What is BrawlHalla?

It is a 100% competitive game where you will fight for a privileged place in Valhalla, is free and has about 50 characters based on mythologies and legends. Currently, it has more than 40 million players worldwide.

The combats which are performed online, include up to 8 players where all the actions to be performed are valid. To start each game, you must be classified in the previous order or have created a clan with your friends.

As you progress in the game, you get a status, which goes from Tinplate and beyond to Platinum. In the round, it is assigned to players of your category and you can participate in matches of 4, where there is only 1 winner.

The game rooms are personalized, within them choose the activity in which you want to play. In addition, the platform has a training area, where you can correct details and improve your skills.

It doesn’t have ads that generate any kind of distraction during its use, inside the game you can get money for the acquisition of new legends. Also, unlock characters, as you fulfill the prerequisite.

BrawlHalla was developed by Blue Mammoth Games, a company dedicated to technological innovation in virtual games. Similarly, Ubisoft in April 2014, was in charge of its publication and distribution, suitable for different devices, both IOS and Android. 

A fierce and competitive scenario

It has different game dynamics, the goal is to participate against each other and knock down the opponent. The way to take the adversary out of combat is to hit him.

The player has 3 lives in the game, as he receives more hits and is removed from the stage he loses each of them. Therefore, the opponent who remains standing until the end will be the winner.

At the same time, it is possible to play in different modes, that is to say, the friendly game which is based on 2 matches between 2 teams and the last player standing wins. In addition, the experimental one, where everyone’s future skills are tested.

Likewise, a chaotic dynamic can be performed where 4 players beat each other to increase points in the score. On the other hand, there is the Strikeout, where only 3 players from the teams participate and 1 remains as a reserve.

At the moment of performing competitions, competitors are grouped by rank, such as: tin, gold, platinum and diamond. Up to 2 players are accepted per round and for the competition, they will have experimental maps and area changes available.

Innovative detail of a perfect game

This game has many advantages in relation to other platforms, which makes it more attractive, here are some of them:

In conclusion, BrawlHalla is one of the most downloaded combat games in the world currently. You will work on dexterity, defense and speed. So, do not miss the opportunity to try a unique experience that reinforces your skills and strengths as a player.

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