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Description of Apple Music

What is Apple Music?

It is defined as a streaming music application, belonging to the company Apple who gave it the market launch in June 20215 at a conference in California. In this App you can enjoy different important aspects of music.

Apple Music arises from an update made to an existing App, called Beats Electronics from Apple itself. After various suggestions, the company decided to innovate in streaming so that it would be available to users worldwide.

There are many advantages that Apple music has provided to its users, today it has more than 70,000,000 songs in its stock. Likewise, in recent reports, Apple itself revealed that it has around 60,000,000 paid subscribers.

Initially, it was created for iOS devices, however, by 2015 an update was carried put that works on Android. In this way, Google users will be able to access the App just by creating an ID and then enjoy the service.

The first months of Apple Music service are free, after 3 months of use, it is suggested to start paying a monthly fee. Among its plans, there is one that is family oriented and allows 6 members to enjoy the App for an affordable price.

It also offers a student plan that, unlike a normal subscription, has a 50% discount on its rate.

The innovative Apple Music dominates in streaming

Apple Music has innovated in its functions, offering 3 sensational services such as Connect, Radio and Discover. The intention of these services is to attract new clients and become the dominant streaming platform.

Apple Music doesn’t stop, since its evolution over the years has been constant and progressive. This advance is visible when analyzing that since its launch in 2015, it annually increases more and more paid subscribers.

It has even surpassed Spotify in number of users and in a faster way. Therefore, the amount of paid subscribers that took the competition 6 years to reach, Apple Music achieved it in less than 2 years.

In the same way, the growth is perceptible in the changes made in the characteristic events of the company, such as iTunes Festival. It underwent a renovation that led to replacing its name with Apple Music Festival, to highlight the streaming platform.

Access the virtual library, radio or social network!

Below, you will learn what the application's functions are and what they consist of, so that you can enjoy them when you download it:

There are many advantages generated by the use of Apple Music, being the preferred platform for music lovers. However, you can download it through AppMarket for free and enjoy your favorite songs from now on.

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