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Description of QuickShortCutMaker

What is QuickShortCutMaker?

QuickShortCutMaker is an application designed to make shortcuts on the screen or desk of your Android terminal. You can create as many applications, activities and processes, so you can access them in seconds.

The application has a simple design, with a black wallpaper and different themes, which you can apply whenever you want. In addition, the App organizes the shortcuts in a list and when you select an option it shows you a description of it, whether it is an app or a game.

In addition, it allows you to create shortcuts to the activities that the device executes, no matter if they are from various applications. It integrates a search engine to locate Apps in a matter of seconds and launch them.

The best of all is that its latest version is available in our AppMarket for you to install it today. It is the option that you need to find games or applications with just one click.

Locate your applications in seconds!

The operation of the application is based on the creation of shortcuts of your favorite applications, which you can locate on the main screen. It has a search engine to access your shortcuts in seconds.

The application allows 2 types of search, a normal and an incremental one. You have the option to adjust the behavior of the drop-down menu located on the upper right side that you see on the screen.

It is very easy to use; it does not require your personal data nor your email address. You just have to point the name of the App and drag it in order to create the shortcut. In addition, when creating them you can customize details such as the icon and the name of the access, in order to hide them or make them more visible.

Likewise, the application consists of a menu of options, divided into 4 main sections. The first one is Activities, where you will find specific functions of an app, which you can synchronize on the home screen. Thus, you can run it without having to search for it within the application in question.

Second, there is the list of applications, where all those downloaded to the mobile will be. Here, you will be able to create shortcuts to the ones you prefer with customizable options. Third, it has favorites and history, located at the top right, there are the activities performed and your favorites list with the apps you use the most.

Finally, there is the settings menu where you can delete the history, clear the cache of QuickShortCutMaker and the other applications. In addition, here are the tools to customize the labels and icons of each shortcut and add specific applications or activities.

The best application to streamline your activities

This application has a simple, fast, fluid operation, which is constantly updated. It is a type of manager that locates your main tasks and applications for you. In addition, it locates in seconds the applications you use with less frequency, so you avoid wasting time in searching for these programs.

Other important features are:

Finally, QuickShortCutMaker is the application that you should install to perform your daily activities in seconds. It is simple to configure, with customization options for each shortcut created.

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