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2.0.25 Studio Wildcard
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Description of ARK: Survival Evolved

What is ARK Survival Evolved?

A video game with a high level of interest, whose responsible designer is Kayd Hendricks. It was developed by Studio Wildcard in collaboration with Instinct Game. In addition, it counted with the collaboration of Efecto Studio and Virtual Basement. 

It has its beginnings on Windows and the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles. Shortly after, the new App managed to gain a place within the mobile screens. Thus, a greater number of users who have an Android or iOS device, get the opportunity to download this application for free.

Whether you play on your console or mobile, you should know that it is, above all, a first-person game. However, a third party may apply.

Similarly, you can choose between single-player mode or instead choose the cooperative mode by allying with another tribe or clan.

In addition, it is relevant that you take into account that, if you want to use the App on your Smartphone, apart from being tactile, it needs to have a memory of 3GB or more. In this way, the device is able to manage detail, motion and speed correctly without affecting or heating the artifact.

An epic and unmatched adventure

Experience a journey inside a fearsome mysterious island that tests your cunning and ability to survive. Because, you could die of starvation, frozen or even be devoured by a tenebrous beast.

For this Reason, hurry up and learn how to build shelters and make objects in order to resist. As well as to grow, harvest and hunt for food. It is clear that the concepts of Loot and Crafting are very present in the thematic of the game.

Apart from the suspenseful atmosphere, one of its main attractions is the large number of primitive beasts. Most of them are amazing dinosaurs from the Triassic. That is, you can breed, domesticate and even ride or kill these almost mythical creatures.

 On the other hand, since you start from zero, the complexity increases as you progress, thus, it is vital to use ingenuity to enjoy autonomy. So, be prepared to continue without external help from clans or other characters.

Customization, inventory and ideal graphics

At the moment of creating your character, the fact that you can choose even the smallest detail to your liking is fun and eye-catching.

Then, when you have started the adventure you will notice that the inventory is useful to collect various resources along the way that will later be useful to you. For example, when building settlements, shelters and weapons that you will use against enemies or potential threats.

Also, the game exhibits 3D graphics based on the Unreal Engine 4, remarkable for its release time. Despite having so many options, the movements and mechanisms stand out for their simplicity and easiness.

However, it is an option in which the language is in English and the dialogues are scarce.

As for the App for cell phones, the quality of detail is impressive as well as the light effects, the realism of the primitive beasts and other spaces. For this reason, if you have curiosity to know this dark island and its dark secrets, you can download ARK Survival Evolved for free from our AppMarket.

Indeed, no matter whether you play ARK Survival Evolved on Windows, your mobile or console, you will enjoy an immersive experience full of action and excitement. Whether in single player or cooperative mode, unleash all your ingenuity to conquer your opponents, conquer the dangerous beasts and most importantly, survive.

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