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8.91.0 build 8 50526 Netflix Inc.
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8.91.0 build 8 50526

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Description of Netflix

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an application that offers the best streaming service of series and movies, official of the platform of the same name. It offers audiovisual content organized by genre, popularity and newest, which you can access with a user account.

It works with an Internet connection and is formed by an extensive community of users. The programming appears in a catalog available to all users, which is updated monthly. In addition, the platform itself produces its own content, releasing it frequently, which you can access whenever you want.

In addition, in the App you will find documentaries of different themes. Features functions for creating profiles, managing your account and saving content. The best of all is that you can now install its latest version from our AppMarket, with interesting improvements.

Movies and series on your mobile screen!

The objective of this application is to offer high resolution streaming audiovisual content in exchange for a subscription. You just have to download it, create a new user account and log in. Once inside, you will see an organized menu with all the series and movies available, which you can play on any device.

A significant aspect of the App is that you will be able to create profiles or screens for those who live with you, up to a maximum of 5. You will have the option to adjust them to the user's age, so that they can access suitable programming. In addition, in these profiles you will receive suggestions based on the tastes of each person. 

You can even manage your account as you prefer, at any moment you can change the number, email and plan from the menu. In the profiles you can configure programming controls, related to language, subtitles and playback type.

It is very easy to use the application, it hosts thousands of movies, series and documentaries that you can consult one by one. In addition, if you do not find a specific content, you can use the search engine and when you find it, just play it. There, you will have the opportunity to rate the programming and based on this you will receive recommendations on what to watch.

Likewise, in playback you can enable or hide subtitles, audio tracks, in the language you want. What’s more, you can synchronize your devices thanks to its cloud-based operation. This is so that you can resume programming on your Smartphone or Smart TV.

Apart from this, Netflix has three subscription plans, which are adapted to the user's needs. These are Basic, Standard and Premium. You can choose the one you like for as long as you prefer, deactivating them at any moment. However, you have the option of accessing its content for free, as the app offers a one-month free trial, so you can enjoy its programming.

You will even have the opportunity to download the content directly from the platform, so you can watch them without being connected to the network. You just have to download it on the device where the app is installed.

Exclusive access to the best programming

Netflix is an application that is frequently updated in its movies and series. It allows you to filter the search by favorites, according to your tastes. In addition, it is also available for iOS and Android, with these other features:

In short, Netflix is the best application to access movies and series, in streaming quality. It has a simple operation that allows you to play, rate and download content whenever you prefer.

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